Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dental Dreams: Lawsuit Edition?

To my esteemed readership of 3: I dearly apologize for my lack of updates.  Life's been rather busy lately.

I've had a few bizarre dental dreams in the weeks since my last update; however, last night's was so very peculiar that I felt I compelled to update now, before I undoubtedly forget the events that transpired in dreamland.

Last night's dental dream involved a lawsuit.  That isn't where it started, of course.  It started with an unlikely scenario in which my sister and I were inexplicably being pursued by a t-rex.  It was terrifying, but it was also sort of badass since we were miraculously managing to outrun it.

Unfortunately, even in dreams, dinosaurs have a lot more stamina than humans.  The t-rex managed to catch up with us, at which point he did what any self-respecting t-rex would do: start ripping into our flesh with his powerful jaws and teeth.  I guess it's probably a stretch to classify this as one of my dental dreams, because it didn't involve my own teeth.  However, the vivid and terrifying image of the dream t-rex's enormous, gaping maw looming over me--gleaming with hundreds of jagged teeth--is indelibly burned into my mind.

My sister and I survived the ordeal, but came out of it rather brutally maimed. At this point, the dream suddenly fast-forwarded to what, in real life, probably would have been several months in the future.  We were in a courtroom; apparently, my sister had decided to seek justice through the legal system.  I was confused at first, but then it hit me: we were suing the dinosaur.  I became very alarmed by this, loudly insisting, "You can't file a lawsuit against a t-rex! Seriously!" No one else appeared to agree with me; the entire courtroom responded to my outburst a mixture of incredulous and baffled stares.

I woke up soon after that, but not before catching a glimpse of a t-rex in a suit.  I guess even dinosaurs clean up nicely for court.

So that was Dental Dreams: Lawsuit Edition.


  1. Interesting dream. I had one even more terrifying last night. I dreamed I was being pursued by Donald Trump's teeth. What made it even more disturbing was that sitting atop his teeth was his signature comb-over hair. The teeth clattered noisily about wealth and ego as they chased me into a voting booth. Somehow I outran them, but when I awoke, I felt a strange mixture of anxiety and boredom.

  2. weird dream....

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